Friday, March 11, 2016

Political Words

Here's how I would propose to define some terms:

conservative = would like to preserve things the way they are (the status quo) indefinitely
progressive = would like the future to be different from the present
regressive = would like the future to be more like the past than like the present

I think many people who consider themselves to be conservative are actually somewhat progressive.  They DO want change.  They just want change which is quite different from the change wanted by most people who self-identify as progressive... usually much less dramatic change.

Also, many people who consider themselves conservative are actually regressive.  They want things to go back to the way (they imagine) they were at some time in the past.  They want change, so they don't want to keep the status quo.  They shouldn't be labeled as conservative.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Namespace grab

This blog may someday contain some worthwhile content.  Today it serves mainly to reserve the address:

So that if I ever want to direct people to this blog from my web domain:

I can do so.